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Comment: Ok I can agree with all of that

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Ok I can agree with all of that

Thanks for taking the time to spell your thoughts out, I think you and I see eye to eye. My point has really more to do with how people like you and me make our case in forums such as this one.

When I say: " I don't denounce Rand" I really mean that I will try to be respectful of those who hold him up as their champion. It is up to guys and gals like you to spread the info and take the arguments to their logical conclusions (which you now have wonderfully).

If I was to play devils advocate I would say that most of the public will always remain ignorant until so many voices cry out that it becomes "common knowledge". This happens not because of a guy like Rand, who plays chess, or even a guy like Ron Paul. This happens because many people like you never give up spreading information and making sound arguments.

When we do our job right, eventually there is an opportunity or event which forces the story to break through, and with enough built up support, our voice get heard. That's when people like Rand run with it because, the message has become widely acceptable.

So you are correct when you say: "My line in the sand is drawn. I stand with no one, except with myself."

(I also don't vote anything down here unless it is incredibly hateful, what's the point?)