Comment: I believe in civil disobedience,

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I believe in civil disobedience,

but not with a gun in my hand or marching with armed citizens. Some have commented that the elite will not take action for fear of retaliation, blah blah blah. Since when do people think when the adrenaline gets pumping? If only 500 are marching and one person accidentally fires his weapon into the sky, that may be all that's needed for over-zealous "law enforcers" to kill a few hundred citizens. AK may be in the right, but maybe dead right.

My own underdog scenario is this: Police & military begin going from house to house in order to confiscate guns. We, as organized militia, make the call for help from our libertarian brethren, and within minutes the police & military are surrounded and outnumbered, and all their weapons, which includes handcuffs and batons and ammo belts, and protective vests, are duly confiscated.