Comment: Studying the history of banking will help understand that this

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Studying the history of banking will help understand that this

This whistleblower is blowing the wrong whistle. It is counterproductive to blame the world's ills on some greedy crazed men hiding in a starchamber somewhere simply because it is not true.

History, which is inaccurate at best, offers some help with this "bankers ruling the world thing."

When you learn about William of Orange and the Bank of England, you will discover that the concept of central banking was developed and implemented by the ruling families of Europe. It is a system used to maintain social order and a whole lot of people keep it in place.

How else could the British empire have grown? They pretended to back their money with gold and used paper money to conquer the better part of the world's surface. There is not enough gold and silver in the world to rule the world...plenty of paper bank notes though.

Wilson signed the fed into law and promptly denounced central banking...which, I guess made him feel somehow, less guilty.

Before blaming a few crazed/greedy English and American bankers let's get one thing straight...they are not greedy. They have all the money they need, this is about managing the system with the intent to maintain social order.

600 years or so of social order. Lot of wars, but, there is a system in place isn't there?

Each country has a central bank. Each central bank is privately owned. These banks maintain the money supply in each country. This makes them responsible for wars, bubbles and the like. These banks do NOT operate on their own.

There is no such thing as a "few greedy/crazy people." No, there are a whole lot of them, they are everywhere and they are keeping the system in place.

The only way, IMO, of understanding this reality is to stop listening to so called whistleblowers and geniuses and authors and investigative journalists who are created and kept in place by the media and study some history while keeping a broad perspective.

Hey, whistleblower! There are a ton of central banks on planet Earth and a ton of financial machines that are joined at the hip to these, perhaps, the ENTIRE world monetary system.

The above paragraph knocks the spit out of this lady's statement now doesn't it?

"Small group." You walk around Manhattan on a sunny day? "Small group?" No, it is millions of men and women the world over who keep the system in place and they are not going anywhere....unless a large group of citizens went to the trouble and expense of actually understanding the machine, organizing the replacement for said machine
and getting the people who are busy watching TV to go with it.

Tough sledding as "you know who" are running the TV also. Television as a technology was developed by the United States Navy. It couldn't be about mind control, could it? Nah. Change the channel.

Thus, now we have a chance of understanding why, among many different units, the 10th mountain and elements of the 1st Marine and 2nd Marine divisions are getting killed in Afghanistan and nobody does anything about it. There is a system in place and until someone ignores the media for long enough to form their own view of what is going on? It will stay.

A "few corrupt individuals?" You have got to be kidding me.