Comment: So after being released Adam

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So after being released Adam

So after being released Adam went on some Fox affiliated show with Juan Williams and Chris Stirewalt and gave the impression he was going to go ahead with the July 4th march. - Especially 3:58 'If anything, this is going to be the safest political event... and we're going to have more cameras than at any other demonstration we've had so far'.

On Monday's show with Ernest Hancock, he read his speech (written with 'little prison pencil' in the SHU) calling for a 'final revolution' to take place. and said he decided to not do the July 4th thing while incarcerated. 1:25:45 in Ernest Hancock's podcast for reference to that.

Why did he give the impression the march was going forward if he decided while in the SHU not to do it?

Edited: I saw the clip related to Fox and thought the upload date was the same as the date it was filmed. I even googled for the show and found the appearance mentioned in blog posts in the previous two days (to my initial writing of this post). I considered that double checking but it was insufficient. I'm leaving my mistake struck through, hopefully I understand the tags well enough. I sincerely apologize to anyone that I confused the issue for.

I still get a bad feeling from him and his rhetoric.