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Future News, The News You Can

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Joe Sheeple is firing up the grill, having just seen his in-laws pull into the driveway. Joe is soon joined on the patio by his brother-in-law, who greets him with "Man, how 'bout those shootings!"

"What shootings?", responds Joe.

"The ones in DC, you didn't hear?"

Joe turns the boob tube on to his most trusted news source, CNN, where the talking head is reporting "... Kokesh, an avowed anarchist, was leading a band of armed militants into the capitol today, when shots rang out. A firefight ensued, leading to the death of 6 militants and 2 DC police officers. Reports on the numbers injured are still sketchy.

The intent of the group is unclear, but Kokesh was arrested earlier this year for assaulting a federal officer."

Friday, July 5, 2013: Morning Joe

Mika (the voice of acceptable centrism from the left) delivers the report on the events of the prior day, then weighs in with "Joe, I know you have not been wholly supportive of what most of us would consider to be sensible gun laws in the past, what about now? We can't have armed anarchists terrorizing the citizenry, can we?"

Joe (the voice of acceptable centrism from the right) in his most serious voice responds "Mika, no, we can't. The gun rights nuts have now gone much too far. Congress needs to act, immediately and forcefully, to put a stop this threatening behavior."

Mika "Next up, we'll get Senator Chuck Schumer's thoughts on what must be done to stop events like yesterday's from ever happening in this country again.

Friday Evening, July 5, 2013: The Rachel Maddow Show

Maddow "... and this Kokesh character, he's not just an avowed anarchist, he was a Ron Paul supporter, check out this video we pulled from his YouTube channel..."

(first 8 seconds of this clip is shown)

Maddow, turning to guest "It makes you wonder how many other kooks there are in the so called liberty movement..."

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