Comment: The other guy (Broun) is no liberty lover

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The other guy (Broun) is no liberty lover

Think about this. He is a sitting congressman (supported Patriot Act, NDAA, foreign aid, unconditional support of Israel, supports pre-emptive action on Iran, and not to mention he a religious bigot!)who would have almost certainly got re-elected in his district.

However being a congressman isn't good enough for Broun. He is risking his House seat in a hope to win Senate. If he loses, he loses BOTH. If he wins, you get a war monger for Senator, and who knows who gets his House seat.

If TMOT wins you get a champion of liberty for all in the Senate. If he loses, you get a strong voice calling out the corruption and status quo.

Who outside of Georgia's 10th district has ever heard of Paul Broun?

Where was Paul Broun when Dr. Paul was running for president?

Who defended liberty and Dr. Paul more vocally and publicly without any thought or care for its political ramifications?

Who is the real champion for liberty for ALL?

Aside from that, TMOT can build bridges, Broun I would bet hasn't got a single brown skinned supporter in the entire state!

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