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Sorry to disappoint,

Sorry to disappoint, but "... the traitor is the plague" quote (mentioned below) was probably not written by Cicero. After looking at the comprehensive traductions latin to english and latin to french, it is nowhere to be found.

It was frequent that past scholars would interpret ancient texts like Cicero's and make up their own versions, more palatable to the general public, simpler, often shortened, with a style resembling to the authors'.

However, one very likely source of inspiration for that "... the traitor is the plague" is "Cicero, Against Catiline" (Catiline: Cicero's enemy, that Cicero would accuse, before Senate, with his bombastic eloquence)

Enjoy Cicero, accusing not only Catiline, but also a broader corruption of the state, from mark [Cic. Catil. 4.8] and on - I find the original Cicero even tastier in the eloquence, in fact:

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