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i know what you are pointing out

but aren't laws created that go against the const and being upheld by the sheriffs unconst?
seems to me this is the case,the bill of rights was not a restraint
against the people,but a restraint for the gov
so,if there are laws,statutes,ordinances and codes,that go against the
const,the will of the people,aren't them sheriffs going against the const,of which they purport to uphold? (this is/was my point)
if there are laws that directly contradict the will of the people,and the sheriffs are upholding them,doesn't this break their oath of office?
so by them only following ONE law so far,does that them good in your eyes?
the sheriffs have the authority,given to them by by we the people
to not follow laws and such,that do not line with the const
so if they have that power,and they uphold every corporation
color of law,aren't they then breaking their oaths,and possibly breaking the law?(the law of we the people)remember it was not we the people who created these laws in the first place,and seeing them so called elected reps are not law makers don't they then break that oath too?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence