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I most certainly would expect my armed brethren

to come to my rescue IF we were ORGANIZED and IF I made the call for help, which is what I said. As it stands now, we are not more than a bunch of babbling old hens given to opinions and underdog daydream scenarios, which is what I do.
I've been asking for several years now, "When, at what point, do we pick up arms?". I have been convinced beyond any doubt the govt's agenda is to totally destroy America and kill as many citizens as they can who stand against them. I would never march into DC with a mere 500 or even 5000. For me, picking up arms means intending to use the weapon, and I would gladly fight for my Country as an intelligent fighter would, by STEALTH. Kokesh in his desire to make a statement with his chest out is asking for trouble.
I would prefer we whack Monsanto CEOs, FDA heads, etc, you get the idea; that would be a statement well made with the least amount of deaths.