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I think I've already proved that, certainly to a far degree greater than anyone has proven that the sov cit mumbo jumbo has ever worked in court a single time.

But that isn't the point of this thread. There are literally hundreds of thousands of licensed attorneys in the USA. Someone claiming to be an attorney is not absurd. It is not unusual. People know attorneys exist. I am not the one making the bizarro claims here. Further, I've demonstrated the ability to counter your mumbo jumbo, so you probably have it figured out. You just really want my name and address so you can harass me. And I'm sorry, but I'm not going to play that game.

There are, however, plenty of people whose names are in the public domain claiming that this sov cit stuff works. Some of them are probably participating on this forum. Some in this thread. Some have associates or agents on this thread or this forum. Some have business around it. Therefore, it sure does seem fishy that not one of these gurus has come forward to say "hey, I, Mr. XXXX have won a lawsuit based on my UCC/Straw Man/Sov Cit mumbo's the court ruling saying I am my own sovereign and that the court has no power and that the judge is an admiralty judge because he has fringe on his underwear."

But no one came forward. Still. Funny that,,,,,

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