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let me run this by you

if what you say is true about being the best hope
then do you think you have accomplished your "mission"?
or do you think you came across sarcastic,condescending and better than all?
it could be said it is the reason why I didn't help with your quest
nor do i feel the need to do so now
I told you this before,it was a hope of mine,that you would change your tactics,but this didn't happen
now do you suppose this is why no one responded,in the way you thought
they should? I say it is
so you not only didn't help yourself (but i still don't think that was your intent)
you certainly didn't help others either. Do you think they saw the same thing i did,and didn't want to help you either? I think it is
so if your purpose was to help others,then you did fail.
take this for what its worth to you.I think not much

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)