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it is hard not to come across sarcastic when dealing with people who profess this heart felt belief in something that MOST people with common sense, with or without education, know to be complete nonsense. It is also hard to not come across sarcastic when instead of sticking to the issue - does this theory work in court, you get called every name in the book. The point isn't to help myself, as you put it, the point is to help you and the people reading this forum. They might think I am an ahole, but if I am wrong, just prove it. Once. That's all I ask.

You or at least some of the active contributors to this thread have to be persons who publically have claimed that their sov cit garbage works in court. So, if one is already in the public eye, why not show your proof? Let's see it. The bottom line is none of you can claim such a victory because there is none. You lose.

Now engage in some more deflection - I'm rude, I'm a statist, I'm fibbing about being a lawyer, I'm a govt. agent, etc. None of that changes the fact that I, boneless chicken rancher, am right, and you can't prove otherwise, now, can you?

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein