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Comment: Destructive Lies

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Destructive Lies

The lie that the Consolidated (Monopoly) Government POWER is a "Federal Government" was started in 1787.

Here is all the proof you, anyone, may need:

Scroll down to this:

If you don't want to spend your precious Fraud Money on that hard copy, then you can read (and weep if that is your constitution) it here:

The liars can make up lies about me, about my motives, all they wish, wish away. I was not in those Secret Meetings, and I do not represent the Usurpers, and the Usurpers were accurately identified by their actions, not their false words.

This is not a Federated Nation, or Country, this is, has been, and will be if nothing is done to stop it, a Monopoly of Crime Power, and it is only as legal as the criminals and victims think it is, as the Masters and Slaves make it a False Federal Fraud in Progress.

If you don't get it, you will be as misdirected as Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh, if they think that Liberty will be secure with The Constitution as it was written, even though a Bill of Rights was attached to it.

The Constitution created a Monopoly Power, or Consolidated Government, so by accident, or simply because it makes sense, Adam Kokesh arrives at the IDEA of separating the Monopoly Power into competitive Powers, in what can be a Free Market of Government, and Open Source Government, a Self-Government Power, such as the example of The Articles of Confederation proved to be workable as a Free Market of Government when The Articles of Confederation created a competitive version of a Democratic Federated Republic, or Voluntary Government, or Free Market Government, strictly voluntary, strictly defensive, and the opposite of legalized slavery.

If you don't get it, you are misled.

Trial by Jury (based upon sortition) worked to make crime pay less internally, so the State Powers work when they are strictly defensive powers, and no more, but no less, and then a Federated Defensive Power, joined and paid for, or seceded from and not paid for, by the State Powers, is the design that did work, and may be able to work again, but certainly not if no one knows about it.

Have a nice day.