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Comment: I read a bootleg copy of this in Thailand

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I read a bootleg copy of this in Thailand

15 years ago.

Isn't that funny - they used to bootleg books! For the foreign tourists. That was a favorite.

I read it on the beach in Thailand, so I loved it. And today, I can't remember a damn thing about it.

I've tried rereading it a couple times, but somehow, the first time was just the right moment in time.

If I had to give an all time favorite for a book: American Gods, by Neil Gaiman.

I've read that twice, no problem.

That is my top recent piece of fiction.

Prior holders of that title:

Canada - Richard Ford

I met him, shook his hand, told him the story about seeing him on McNeil Leher, when he won the pulitzer for the Sportswriter. I told him that he had provided me with tens of hours of enjoyment in my life. Which is true. Going back to the Sportswriter, and Independence Day. What a towering, incredible talent. Canada is a masterpiece.

- - - - - -

All that being said, today I barely remember a single thing about Zen and the Art, except that it was "good."

When humans merge with computing networks, that will no longer be a problem.


Which I really enjoyed, and it was a page turner. But afterwards, I was left feeling like I just ate a big bowl of candy. Ultimately not very satisfying on a deep level.

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle

That book intersected my life like a perpendicular plane. It was incredible.

This Side of Paradise