Comment: I read a bootleg copy of this in Thailand

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I read a bootleg copy of this in Thailand

15 years ago.

Isn't that funny - they used to bootleg books! For the foreign tourists. That was a favorite.

I read it on the beach in Thailand, so I loved it. And today, I can't remember a damn thing about it.

I've tried rereading it a couple times, but somehow, the first time was just the right moment in time.

If I had to give an all time favorite for a book: American Gods, by Neil Gaiman.

I've read that twice, no problem.

That is my top recent piece of fiction.

Prior holders of that title:

Canada - Richard Ford

I met him, shook his hand, told him the story about seeing him on McNeil Leher, when he won the pulitzer for the Sportswriter. I told him that he had provided me with tens of hours of enjoyment in my life. Which is true. Going back to the Sportswriter, and Independence Day. What a towering, incredible talent. Canada is a masterpiece.

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All that being said, today I barely remember a single thing about Zen and the Art, except that it was "good."

When humans merge with computing networks, that will no longer be a problem.


Which I really enjoyed, and it was a page turner. But afterwards, I was left feeling like I just ate a big bowl of candy. Ultimately not very satisfying on a deep level.

The Wind Up Bird Chronicle

That book intersected my life like a perpendicular plane. It was incredible.

This Side of Paradise

All art is only done by the individual. The individual is all you ever have, and all schools only serve to classify their members as failures. E.H.