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Would That I Were A Faster Typist :

Please Note : My sarcasm circuits have been engaged .

If there is anything I've learned in my decades of of political involvement and activism, it's that we're dealing with predatory personalities, scoff laws and racketeering in general .

I consider the various Redemption, UCC, Common Law, Sovereign and etc., “movements” to be expressions of general dissatisfaction and frustration with the “system” . Most followers are either looking for a quick way out of something or desperate for some kind of relief . Most are not psychologically prepared for the fight they are taking on .

> real law and real cases< What a racket .

>In real court you don't get points for being rude to the judge<

“Real Court” my rear end. “Judge” or maybe “Magistrate” ? You mean the person who presents themselves as occupying an Office of Honor by the custom of having themselves addressed as such ? Oh yes “your Honor”, oh no “your Honor”. The “Honorable Mayor” would never allow the appearance of impropriety in city budget management .

People who go into court and ask if the Judge is the Public Trustee in the instant matter are already barking up the wrong tree perhaps, but it does get a rise out of them .

Or maybe you mean the Administrative Magistrate in “Traffic” matters . The one who is “Appointed” to the position and can seldom show their official Appointment let alone the requisite “Acceptance of Appointment” required to be filed in the Public Records ?

You mean the “Court” that prosecutes BS Radar tickets that can be beat by Discovery on the model's Manual that shows the calibration requirements, calibration records of the specific serial numbered unit and the issuing Cops radar gun training records ? The “Court” where geedus grubbing Attorneys serve Justice making a career out of getting serial drunk drivers off the hook, simply by knowing enough overall about the racket to make an oral motion to dismiss on “Timelessness” ? The same “Court” where even second level Magistrates know they are administering bits and pieces of the Public Debt and choke when mention is made of the IMF being the Real Party in Interest ? ( more un-germane UCC crap )

“Real Law” - huff .

Majority of people go into fight or flight mode when the Jingle Bell Boys give them a scowl . Oh excuse me, Bailiffs and “Police” Officers . Let alone control their fear response in unfamiliar hostile environments . They simply can not remain calm and assertive . Others are just outright POed going in and offensive behaviour exhibits . ( now where have I seen that around here ) It's a little hard sometimes to keep your cool .

I've seen a few interesting court go rounds with “State Citizen” types , but don't do the “Sovereign” thing myself . I use “UCC” type language without the Code citation . After all “Without Prejudice” had term of art meaning for a long time before UCC compilers adopted it .

I ran without Plates, License or Insurance for about 14 years . Moved from Calif. to Missouri that way. Never got stopped to run a test case, so I haven't got any “proof” that would satisfy anyone . Just blessed I guess .

It wasn't particularly a “Sovereign” thing anyhow . ( oh crap, suppose I better do this now )

Readers be Advised : Nothing contained herein should be construed as consisting of Legal Advice, nor a recommended Course of Action . In other words, don't go off half cocked .

Wife had some interesting results after becoming cognisant of the definition of “in this State” in the Calif. Department of Motor Vehicle Code, which specifically referred, in pari materia, to what is commonly known as as “The Buck Act”. ( I don't find a ready on line source with the complete DMV / FTB wording as it stood in the 1990's . No footnotes either for that matter . )


"In this State" or "in the State" means within the exterior limits of the State of California and includes all territory within these limits owned by or ceded to the United States of America.

Yeah, she started that whole “Buck Act” thing .

Her first treatise on the subject “Death of a Sovereign, The California Franchise Tax Board, The DMV and Thee” is what got Richard McDonald all hot and bothered when he couldn't find any implementing regulations for the Buck Act. (oh boy, not another Federal Repository tard ) He ran with it and stretched it all out of proportion, generating much more notoriety than it should have gotten. I don't think he fully researched the Congressional Reports either, concerning the origins in Public Law 817-76th Congress, and all the different directions the codified footnotes ran . ( My GAWD Martha! Untaxed Indians off the Reservation! Non-Resident Aliens! Run!! wonder if they have a couple of cartons of cigarettes to sell )

Wife entered a long administrative go round with DMV centering on not being “in this State” by definition and requesting refund of “taxes and fees paid in error” . This eventually led to her sedan and pick-up VIN numbers being taken out of the computer record system, after finally suggesting the DMV was knowingly guilty of Breach of Trust and Conversion of Property to another Use . ( this'll show her. POOFF no database records - let her try to get along in life without these puppies ) By the way, the annual “stickers” you pay for are a Federal Fee and not refundable by the State .

Our compatriot Otis carried the DMV / Franchise Tax Board thing further, having his gasoline tax returned from FTB for a number of months . Poor fellow was in court every week defending no tag, lic, ins. tickets . Prevailed each time but they just wouldn't quit citing him . Never should have published his research in “Permanent Exemption”. Finally got fed up and moved to Oregon .

Wife also secured a tax exempt EIN # and a subsequent Calif. Sales Tax permit which listed her business location by PLSS legal land description . That was a kick in the pants .

One time a couple of Sheriff's Deputies here in Missouri came by and ran the VIN # on the sedan . Got their report back and left without another word . I would still love to know what that information was .

But, that's all anecdotal comment anyway . Unprovable by any standard and nothing necessarily “Sovereign” about it .

Be that as it may, my experience with “Common Law Juries” in Orange County, Calif. was an eye opener . ( that's all “Sovereign” you know )

Lead up :

Revelation that “unpaid parking tickets” were contracted to be processed by Lockheed
led to the discovery that uniformed City Police had been originally founded as private organisations established by local Merchants Associations, not Municipal Action or Authority . Parking Enforcement “Officers” were employees of the city's Department of Transportation and apparently not even “COPS”. They appeared like contract labor even though they were Police Uniformed, Badged and Weaponed . Continuing research could find no ready evidence they were ever authorised to enforce Statute or bring action in a Court .

Efforts to address and clarify these matters with Public Officials were met with condescension, ridicule and scorn . Except where where “Oath and Bond” inquiries were stonewalled and otherwise met with intimidation and implied threat . This could PO a civic minded “Tax Payer”, don't you think ?

It was discovered that “Parking and Moving Violation Citations” did not conform to standards set out by the Calif. Judicial Forms Manual . ( wonder who figured this out ? some wacko “Patriot” type no doubt . where's my dang tootly horn anyway )

All this info was acted on by like minded folks in Orange County who had a bunch of parking tickets voided , removing millions of digits from OC's Accounts Receivable . ( there went some credit rating points ) Don't think this tidbit ever made the news .

Citizens Grand Jury Involvement :

Folks around So. Calif. were pretty peeved about all this, among other things . Particularly Judge's and Sheriff 's “subscribed Oath” not being on file . Not to mention their “Bond” requirements . “My Oath is my Bond” replies didn't cut it statutorily .

Taking these issues to a State controlled Grand Jury for any kind of inquiry was out of the question . Public Officials were involved including the Sheriff and Coroner Offices . They were disqualified to call the Jury to session for this reason, as well as having a pecuniary interest in the matter by being paid out of “Public Monies” . Judges could not be reasonably considered impartial in appointing proper Electors to do so either . Besides, we already had it nailed that they all greased their Retirement Funds out of various traffic fines ( bail forfeitures actually ) and some folks were pretty riled up about that .

“Our One Supreme Court” stuff was hot topic at the time . An ad hoc committee was formed to look into what could be done, Robert's Rules were followed and a proper State Parliamentarian consulted .
A central information and contact point was set up via Cowboy Communications pager service under the moniker “Elisor's Clerk” . Panels were formed in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties, with Notice of intentions published in various Newspapers of Record, Post Offices and other public places . Fliers distributed, etc.. (oh my GAWD Martha! Acts of Political Will!! )

Orange County folks styled their effort “Citizens Investigative Grand Jury”, with the intention of collecting various admissible records and witness statements concerning a range of Municipal affairs. Proceedings were video and audio taped in lieu of a paid court reporter to transcribe the proceedings and parol statements .

A few weeks into operation it was determined “Orange County” was “not going by the books” . Any of them . Not only the Oath and Bond issues under State Statute, but ignoring the State Municipal Code regarding Surety ( Performance ) Bond's for the top three County Officers . ( is that "Real' enough law ? ) Only the Treasurer could be shown to have the required Bond on file . We didn't understand at the time most of the financial responsibility these Bonds represented had been moved to various “Loss Management” insurance pools . I think Officials asked about this earlier on weren't forthcoming because their statutory personal responsibility had been quietly shifted to insurance paid at public expense . This goes against the whole point of having a Bond in the first place . It isn't equitable that someone in the public on one hand, damaged by someone acting in Public Official capacity, should have to pay toward those damages on the other .

The Muni Code also required Muni Corps to comply with the general Corporations Code . It was determined OC had not met the periodic reporting requirements for a long time, if ever . A “Certificate of Good Standing” for OC ( and many other municipalities ) could not be obtained from the Calif. Sec. of State's Corporate Division . OC at least was so far arrears in reporting they apparently had passed the time limit to update and were effectively “Dissolved by Operation of Law” . ( silly de facto nonsense )

The OC Jury's focus shifted at this point and made no secret of their intention to pursue collecting public records necessary to have the Secretary of State pull OC 's Municipal Charter . This would have collapsed OC back into Los Angeles County and probably dominoed all over the place .

We really kicked the hornet nest that time . That's when the intimidation and outright threats began and the effort collapsed . "Real" enough for me anyway . So much for peaceful redress of grievances .

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