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15 different threads there

and you reference several instances where you think some kind of injustice occurred, but don't give us enough information to know whether any of them did. And, further, you misuse certain terminology and make certain errors that make it clear you don't understand the law.

You make a lot of conclusions, don't support them and expect everyone to just assume you understood and analyzed them correct. But there's no back up. And you make some pretty extreme claims, so I just am not buying it. And you make sweeping generalities - like that Orange County is not going by the books - any of them. What does that even mean? Anyone who has dealt with questionable claims knows that when someone shows up saying that someone violated "all their rights" they are probably nuts.

I note the following in particular:

1. "Timelessness"? There is no such thing as a legal concept of "timelessness" that would allow a person otherwise guilty to get off on a drunk driving charge. Now a case can be untimely and someone could object if a statute of limitations is blown, i.e., timeliness. But statutes of limitations put a boundary on the state's ability to forever pursue you for breaking the law. And they developed under the common law. Are you saying you would like to remove this common-law derived protection from the state? Hmmm...

2. People who have an actual legal education, lawyers and judges, are forever amused at the sov cit fascination with the idea that all public servants have to have performance bonds. That is bunk. And to the extent there is any such thing, it isn't there for any joe schmoe to attach and enrich himself. Nevermind the sovereign immunity defense problems (sovereign immunity refers to the inability to sue the state, part of the "common law" we inherited from England. You like common law, right?) And what is the authority that the court clerk, bailiff, dog catcher have to have a "performance bond" as if they are workign on building project? It's bunk.

3. Citizens grand juries have no power and aren't recognized. They may also be illegal and persons calling and organizing them could be behaving illegally in many ways. You may not like those laws, but that is something which should be obvious to you.

4. I certainly support the idea that people should challenge their government if it tickets you inappropriately. I've done that myself. But your description provides no detail whatsoever. If your point is that the police over ticket, yes, you're right.

5. The UCC doesn't give you magical powers. It is a commercial code that was adopted in the states to standardize business laws in our country. That's it. 1-1308 doesn't give you the ability to sign things without signing them. Just read it. Or take a law school class - you can audit them at some law schools. It just flat doesn't do any of hte crap the sov cit types say it does. And, why is it that Sovs who constantly argue that codes don't apply to them and love the "common law" then have this infatuation with the UCC? The UCC is the furthest thing from common law and it is a Code. UCC stands for Uniform Commercial Code, if you didn't know. It's always amusing to see sovereign court filings full of misconstrued references to the UCC while simultaneously arguing "codes don't apply to me" and "no US laws apply to me". That;s like saying they are a pouchless Kangaroo with wings, or something. It just doesnt make sense.

Finally, the system is very imperfect and most attorneys acknowledge that. But the sov cit stuff is even more dysfunctional. As I've said before, whenever I see someone playing pretend sovrun in court it is always some oaf that wants to get away with something, and thinks that he will be the one to convince the judge that his own universe of laws that no one's ever heaard of are what should be controlling. Is that the look you want/ impression to make? They always look crazy, the always lose, and their credibility is gone the minute they mention any of that sov cit crap. As a libertarian, I certainly ont want to be associate with that.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein