Comment: Look and Feel Credible?

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Look and Feel Credible?

"they need to be able to hear and see it in a way that is deemed credible"... so in other words it needs to have the look and feel of all the MSM news, 99% of which is not credible.... so you want the format of false news, because the fake news is deemed credible, so you want to make real news, with a fake look... come on Ben, what are you doing? Who told you that, Jeremy Richter? I think Jeremy's heart is in the right place, but he has the look and feel of someone, apology in advance, "smarmy"... maybe he's not, but that is the look and feel that he gives off, at least to me. And then you ask for $1.25 million dollars on kickstarter, and then cancel it.... and now kickstarter again? Usually, if people need money from kickstarter, they do that on the side, and don't quit their day jobs!

I wish you and Jeremy the best, although I would like to know the source of Jeremy's income and clients as it almost seems like he's trying to derail you... I mean going from a major network station back to the internet and kickstarter, does not seem like a step to getting in front of more people.