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Comment: You place too much faith in altruism...

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You place too much faith in altruism...

Individuals act in hopes to find themselves in a more satisfactory state after the action.

One may consider a marriage where the wife enjoys the ballet while the husband does not. The husband will go to the ballet but not out of altruism - self sacrifice. The husband will go because he is aware that he will likely find himself in a less satisfactory state otherwise - in the dog house so to speak.

Another example is a person that gives to charity. A person may say they give to charity because they want to help the needy, but in reality they give to charity because it makes them feel good. If it made them feel worse, they wouldn't do it.

People act in order to maintain or improve upon their current level of satisfaction - the whole has little to do with it other than its potential impact upon the individual's satisfaction.