Comment: Is Anybody Else Out There :

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Is Anybody Else Out There :

At least one I see .

Prosecutor chicken, before I finalize my response to your post and probably let this flame fest plunge, let me link you here .

Didn't like The-Legacy site ? Oh well, I never pursued design much beyond HTML 4 . Reads OK on mobile devices so it's good enough for what it is .

The site was put together to present a nutshell version of a much longer paper that's been circulating certain circles in print for a long time . I've linked to the full version someone put up . The page was put together out of several on line sources and the full paper reproduced with a copy that has screwed up the footnote citation list . We will only admit to being source from - The Legacy Abandoned - concluding with - footnote Brent V Maryland 85 US 430 21 L Ed 777 .

Just read the very short Abandoned section and see if it piques your “ Law Practitioners” interest ? If not, well, I'm not surprised .

( edit to add )

Section - Our Legacy Denounced – with footnote list in tact .

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info