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And if this guy was a character

in a novel, wouldn't you want to read it? Former government, discovered inside perspective about operations, network of informants, already had some kind of "adventure", is looking to recruit for more "adventures".

This was crafted by a master of suspense. And suspense is all about making you curious. In this case, curious enough to converse with someone who says disturbing things.

The FBI has been honing their techniques to rope in despondents who can be manipulated and this piece of art represents an evolution of that craft.

And it's all sick. The theory they want the public to believe is that these despondents were ripe to commit violence and they intercepted them, but that's not true. The FBI plays this statistical game of fishing for people who are ripe for manipulation, then manipulate them. Even if some non-FBI, violent group were fishing for recruits, too, the FBI has the top skills in this. These despondents weren't ripe to commit violence, they were at a crossroads in their lives where they were at their lowest, needing the intervention of family and friends to build them back up, but the FBI finds them first and isolates them and re-creates them as a monstrosity.

And it doesn't matter what you and I say, how thoroughly we are onto the game. They are playing enough odds, they will find their victim. And whatever the victim does will be used to promote war and tyranny. It's sick and harmful and the very bad human beings behind this need to be told they are sick.

Defend Liberty!