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Idealism versus realistic practicality

Ideally, there would be no taxes at all, and the IRS would be abolished. Such a system could actually work, as many here would surly attest too.

Realistically, I believe it's impossible to simply shut off the tap to get there. This would destroy the country as surly as most of the issues facing it today, just as fast, or faster.

I personally would prefer a more humane option, which allows for most Americans to "catch up" as it were.

I see Rand's flat tax as a baby step in the right direction. I think it will reduce the IRS to irrelevancy, and show that government is intrusive and unnecessary in the process.

I see it as either baby steps or a "reset". The baby steps may take longer, but could save more humans along the way. I still believe Rand is headed in the right direction, its just a long and bumpy road.

Just open the box and see