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Comment: Get off your high horse dude.

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Get off your high horse dude.

If your so smart, why don't you win an election and repeal the income tax for us. Ohhh no. Your not about that. Your about throwing rocks at the guy who is actually trying to position himself to perhaps win an election and have some influence on rolling back this monster Gov't.

You people kill me. You want Rand to come out for no tax at all, like we are in the power position. Your far more likely to lose the 1st and 2nd amendment and see your tax rates go up than go to zero.

Some of you people can't forgive Rand for actually trying to win. You just want him to add another loss to our collection of loss just like his dad, who was a great guy, but who never learned to hold his tongue just a bit, for the good of his country.

Just look at what has happened since 2008. We are an economic basket case. More war. More insecurity. 1st and 2nd amendment under fire. Deficit unbelievable. Old Ron told it like is ... and lost. And look at us now. And i might add, Ron never believed he could win, not did he ever try to put together a winning strategy. And we who supported him, got our reward, which was hearing him tell it like it is and damn the consequences.

But now it is time to get a guy in office that will move us back from the abyss. And that means we have to do more that all this bitching and hand ringing from the sideline.