Comment: You misspelled actors as parents again.

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You misspelled actors as parents again.

Don't worry, even the MSM makes that mistake with all the proof reads they do.

And seriously, if I wasn't questioning the story before, and I didnt know it was all fake this article would have make me question it.

“There is no reason to look, please pass house bill 6424,” said Jennifer Hensel
There's a flag. If your trying to cover it up by saying there's no reason to look, then there is something to look at. How about proof that this happened, that's a good reason to look.

“Even if I could set aside the personal harm, I can not stand the thought of the graphic depiction of my child's death promoted to serve anyone's political purposes,” said Hensel.
To late, how many gun control bills were proposed and passed solely because of this incident. Some of them pushed mainly by the 'parents'.