Comment: Wow, I havent read tripe like this in a while. What's a shame

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Wow, I havent read tripe like this in a while. What's a shame

Is all of you getting sucked in to a ridiculous assumption and supporting it. While I agree that the federal government is out of control on power, it is beyond absurd to state that all government employees are out to get you.

I live in small town America and many people here are employees of local government, from the folks that sell government surplus, to the maintenance crews that keep up the public libraries, to the guys running the mowers to keep the ball fields in shape for the kids to have their baseball and softball games are certainly not out to get you. The employees taking your money for car tags, and those working in the election commission, to the I.T. departments ensuring that local government stays up and running are not in a ploy to out you and your family. While I share the frustration of everyone here, I have family members that work for government in accounting to statistics, and I.T., and trust me when I say my sister is absolutely no threat to you, that is unless you mess with her kids.

While calling for violence will become more and more prevalent as the economy worsens, you must remember that the road crews and highway engineers are not having underground meetings on how to destroy your family, and the above mentioned positions have ZERO say in what their salaries are, and in most areas locally the salaries are well below the national average. There are certainly those municipalities that have abused the system and increased salaries to ridiculous amounts, for the most part local and state government workers are just like you and I, and many are members of the Liberty movement.

I am absolutely against violence as a solution, but if violence does occur people need to realize that everyone that works for the government, state, local, and federal are not in a big cabal plotting to chem-trail you to death as their kids play in the same playground, breath the same polluted air, and are as frustrated with the federal government as most of us here.

A call to violence is irresponsible and a childish idea that will not promote liberty in any way, shape, form, or fashion, especially when pointed at the wrong people. I have heard attacks here on the military personnel, on the evil meter reader and smart meter installers, and others, but what is never thought about is why people are doing what they are doing. I have never heard in any of these rants that they are working a job to feed their families, only that they are plotting against folks. No matter if you work in government or the private sector you must do what is asked of you or you are fired, and for many here it is easy to say, "I wouldn't do this or that", but in reality many government workers live paycheck to paycheck, and make only enough to survive on.

To all their own, as I am the first to jump on the anti bad cop bandwagon when abuse is shown, I scream the loudest when abuse is shown from government at any level, but I will not sit quietly while someone starts a riot against innocent, hard working, and liberty minded people because of the job they chose out of high school or college not for the money, but to have weekends off with their kids, for lesser a salary then they could make in the private sector.

Calm and clear heads are called for during this time of federal government treason, and stop pointing a broad brush finger at all government employees, for it was only a year ago your hit list would have included Dr. Paul, Justin Amash, and officers that still respect the public and wear their badges with honor and dignity. You tube shows the worst of the worst and you are no better than a bad cop labeling every citizen bad because primarily what they deal with are bad people, you are doing the same thing in this post and simply put you are wrong.

Dr. Paul would never call for violence in any situation other than self defense, and that is all I am calling for. By all means respond in violent fashion if the 20 year old girl that works for your local government credit union bank comes to your house with a shotgun, else please drop this ridiculous notion, and many that support it that I know personally, you know better.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an