Comment: Less than private pay scale?

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Less than private pay scale?

Most of the government jobs are not president, congressmen, senators, etc. This group, on paper, makes much less than they would in the private sectors as attorneys. Which most of them are.

But, I think it has been shown that people, like postal workers (I know they are not federal employees!), and other people who take the civil service exam, make about 33% more than their private counterparts. Add the government benefits, and they are getting excessive pay! So, not everything is about worrying over what they would do to us! They are already doing it by getting a job, for life, and sucking excessive pay through the government. That money, eventually, ends up coming from the taxpayers! Maybe we could give everyone governemnt jobs at that pay rate, obliterating the unemployment problem! How big can the government get before there is no more for the leeches to suck out of the private sector. What happens when the governemnt is unable to pay THEIR employees?!

No, I am not worried about the future employees being a threat to us. I am thinking they are a threat to free enterprise, right now! We are over-regulated, already! That is what we get with a government that has grown too big!