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I still disagree slightly

I know we are arguing over peanuts here, but...

I don't think it got to big that they couldn't sweep it under the rug. Look how big 9/11 is, but they still don't even touch that. If they wanted this kept silent they would ridicule everyone who mentioned, but they don't, why? They are up to something.

That is a good point Breitbart made - another thing about them is none are new, but suddenly they are getting play... all at the same time... why?

Another thing I find interesting about the breitbart observation is it's the same with Enron and Madoff (and probably countless others) - it wasn't the media, or the Government agencies that uncovered the crimes, it was investors and people with self interest bringing them to light. they were discovered despite the media and gov. the free market works even when people are working against it.

Another interesting thing is all the NCAA sports scandals are never uncovered by NCAA officials even though they have "safe guards" and ppl in place to detect and prevent them. It's always some random sports writer who breaks it. crazy similarities when you are dealing with top down organizational structures.