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back when the patriot act was signed

i tried to get people on board for an armed march on washington,and into the halls of congress, i wanted them arrested and put on trial
now this might have been a bad idea,but i didn't care about that
i knew what it was going to be used for,and on whom
i knew it violated the const,and the american people,this seemed to only matter to me
i got 4 people to say maybe,and the rest wouldn't get off their butts
the patriot act did pass,we are worse for it,and this didn't seem to matter to many folk
so you say when people start shooting cops,this might happen
but we are a candy-assed nation,and no one will stand up to help themselves nor their neighbors
i could say, i hope you are right,but it should not have had to come to this point,especially in this day and age of the internet
anyways thank you

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence