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I agree with you on principal

I don't know anything about Rand's proposed flat tax beyond what was revealed in the interview.

Your's and others comments here have given me pause for thought.

Gary Johnson proposed a "Fair Tax", which was basically a sales tax. This has an "opt out" option built in. Many people already don't buy anything, or live nearly off grid. There are detractors of his proposal also.

I understand what you say about principal vs pander, but what alternatives are there? I would certainly stand behind a statesman that did none of that, but, where are they? And, without a whole lot of them, what chance do they have? Despite the support for Ron Paul and his type here on DP, it's still a minority opinion at this time, and doubtful it's strong enough to put a statesman in a position of real power in Washington.

Ron Paul was such a statesman, and I did (and do) stand behind him. He fought the system for 30+ years and managed to start a wondrous grass fire, though he never managed to change the system.

I don't see a viable alternative to Rand Paul at this time, and I don't see how a flat tax is worse than what we have now. At the least, it's a change. Any change has a way of shaking people up, and allowing their minds to open, if only slightly.

If principal wins the day, and the IRS, 16th amendment, and tax is abolished tomorrow, what of the millions of people on welfare? Tough nuggies?

Like it or not, America has built a system of generational dependence on the welfare state. Most are simply caught in it, without even realizing what's happened. Much the way most Americans not on welfare are also trapped in their own reality paradigm. Is there no solution which gives those people a chance to wake up?

Just open the box and see