Comment: Miuke! (Hello)! Welcome. Visit our Ute Indian Tribe, Colorado

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Miuke! (Hello)! Welcome. Visit our Ute Indian Tribe, Colorado

1) Ute Indian Pre Treaty
2) Ute Indian Area, 1873.
3)Ute Indian Area History & current Colorado / Utah Territory.

Ute Reservations were downsized to Southwestern Colorado Territory & Northeastern Utah. These reservations are the second largest Indian Reservation tribal areas in the United States that covers approximately 5 million acres. Please ask us to annex your area. Do you love your country? Yet, fear your nation's elders are are lost? Seek better management. Seek national elders willing & able to care for this time honored land.

About the Ute Tribe: our Utes have a tribal membership of several thousand lives on or near our reservation. We operate our own tribal government and oversee approximately 1.3 million acres of trust land. The Utes also operate several businesses including a Super Market, Gas Stations, Bowling Alley, Tribal Feedlot, Uinta River Technologies, Ute Tribal Enterprises LLC, Water Systems and an energy company called Ute Energy. Cattle raising and mining of oil and natural gas is big business on the reservation. Water Systems manager provides water and sewer needs for several communities. Come for a visit. You decide if our ways are right for your nation. Annexation is a simple ceremony & takes anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the dancing & smoking selected.

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