Comment: The Flying Probability Monster

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The Flying Probability Monster

has absolved all evolutionists as a reward for their great faith.

One day, after billions of years of random atomic collisions, it waved its magic wand and, behold, there was suddenly a suite of chiraly left-handed molecular machinery encoded with the instructions for creating the approximately 1,000 genes necessary for a single, self-replicating life form, that eventually would produce every other life form.

And it was good.

No more would evolutionists have to concern themselves with assumptions of how:

- Life comes from non-life
- Information grows without bound from chaos
- All cells contain machines of irreducible complexity
- A single species evolves without genetic limit

And it was very good, because anytime a creationist would point out the impossibility of underlying evolutionary assumptions, the evolutionist would evermore be able to use the cop-out, "you're confusing a theory of origins with abiogenesis".

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