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Comment: Don't talk with him about it

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Don't talk with him about it

If he's given you any signs that he doesn't want to discuss it with you, respect his boundaries.

It sounds like the feeling's mutual, that not believing the same thing = crazy. But I doubt it's that intense for all subjects. On-line discussions do not carry any stigma regarding being not respectful of whether the other person wants to be in the conversation because you're not exactly trying to share a house with those people. I've seen it for myself how immersing oneself in a subject on-line, where the most narcissistic people are the loudest, then trying to emerge from that culture to "evangelize" a spouse is disastrous.

It's really hard for the person wanting to put up conversational boundaries to express exactly what the boundaries are on these topics. I can't say, "please don't discuss conspiracy theories with me" without a person in full, on-line evangelism mode taking that as an opening to parse out what qualifies as a "conspiracy theory". Other attempts to categorize the banned topics may go even worse. It would work best if the party seeking to initiate such a conversation be willing to back off respectfully when asked.

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