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Comment: Like water eroding rocks

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Like water eroding rocks


Just now my wife says to me:

"Mark says that GMO is in 90% of the food."

I respond:

"It is classic counterfeiting, people eat for nourishment and instead they get poison, they get sick and fat instead of nourishment, so they, now sick, now fat, now unnourished return to the same false, counterfeit, source for nourishment, they get fat, and sick, instead."

At that point, in the past, my wife would have shut down, since the past was me alone speaking about these clear and present dangers, but now that there is more water flowing from Mark, not just me, my wife responds and allows me to continue.

"This GMO is tied to Chemtrails, and if you want to learn something, no hurry, and be warned that the information is very disturbing, go find on Youtube something called What in the Word are They Spraying, and then if you can handle it, follow up with Why in the World are they Spraying, and you can get the information required to understand how classic counterfeit works to create classic Monopoly."

I did not go further into how that, and everything, connects into the Money Monopoly Power, but at least my wife is no longer resorting to full self-censorship, which is like a Trojan Horse that invades the brain and shuts down all power of defense against clear and present dangers.

I did not go into the latest information I've been processing whereby the battle for Liberty against Legal Crime has hit the wall, where the Legal Criminals are knowable as baby eating, insane, devil worshipers at the Top of that Pyramid Scheme, and that their own lower level "Specialists" are now in-fighting while many competitive forces for Liberty are getting ready to fill the vacuum that will exist once the Legal Criminals do their own house cleaning.

Too much information causes what to happen in any case?