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"We see stars forming in the

"We see stars forming in the depths of giant clouds of gas and dust"

Have we seen that? I don't think so. Maybe you can point those out to me.

Also, this is complete bunk:
" Observations of the solar system itself support the theory too. In fact it was these observations which lead to the proposal of the theory in the first place.

1. All the planets orbit the Sun in the same direction. Most of their moons also orbit in that direction, and the planets (and the Sun) rotate in the same direction. This would be expected if they all formed from a disk of debris around the proto-Sun. "

That's just not true. Some of the planets and moons rotate in different directions.

Anyway, there is plenty of "the theory" "we think" "current simulations" in your link. That's quite a bit different from testing soil(repeatable) and testing human bodies(also repeatable).


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