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his interview..

without knowing any much about him I feel like "I gotcha" moment.its sad really because I am naive enough to see some small need for this deep fishing they do but then I am so conflicted.. I should just leave it alone for smarter folks to explore.. My best friends are md's.1 surgery and 1 general practice..they feel safer and they discount the impact upon the founders documents .I know folks who did this work..its gotten out of hand ..its as if the nukes are here and they are desperate to find them..blackmail.I think Rand is pushing the thing and it could lead to more invasive jive ..there will be no retreat from this for real threats do exist and I think our presence all about the globe just complicates it..the passion of the average person is stifled beaten down..its a moment in need of a visionary ..not a religious type..!!!! but another to awaken the street.