Comment: Edward Snowden is a hero!

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Edward Snowden is a hero!

He is a patriot of the highest regard.

When a nation of people lose faith in their appointed representatives they MUST, they are OBLIGATED, to break tyranny in any way.

These media whores, these presstitutes, these worthless politicians that say he should have gone the "legal" way are baseless fools selling the downfall of America. DO NOT trust them!

Daniel Ellsberg says the great service he has done to his country is, "incalculable". He also states that he has waited 40 years to see an American with this type of courage. Battle field courage, he called it. He also supports Bradley Manning.

Release the hounds. The tyranny that has been America is failing and falling fast.

Stand ready, patriots. Stand ready to throw ALL of these bums out, without prejudice.

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