Comment: A lot of people on the left and right do care

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A lot of people on the left and right do care

But it is mostly Internet and dinner talk. All the real "community organizers" of the 60s and 70s came to an untimely demise, like Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., or even John Lennon. There are few leaders in this struggle with outstanding or notable achievements who ever make a big stand politically. Of the three I mentioned, very few of them had many similarities, but the ones they had were necessary for societal change. They all came from a spotty background, rose to universal public notoriety, they all had a biting wit, they seemed innocent at times in the public, but were shockingly intelligent, analogical, and free thinkers. They were capable of evolving and changing their opinions as the conditions changed, and they reversed their own scandals back on the public. But most importantly: they had a huge megaphone and rebelled publicly, encouraging others to do so, about what they perceived what was wrong with society, and had transformative communicative skills. Now, show me someone today who has that kind of capability, and they are either stuck in a limbo situation, dead, piss broke, or are already being co-opted by our system of conformity. Very few people achieve "an audience with the masses" and when they do, they squander it or are plagued by stuff that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.