Comment: The True Dilemma

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The True Dilemma

I was reading an article on CNN and looked at the comment section to find this gem:

Minnie Mouse
Ron Paul would you rather have privacy or terrorists? Anyone who's on the internet knows that you have no privacy, let alone you don't even have any in your own back yard if your living in a subdivision. Use and enjoy the internet like everyone else is! So, if your elected president you don't want to protect the people of our country? We need this National Security in our country.

For those of you interested in formal debates the first sentence is the definition of a false dilemma. I'd like to explore what priacy truly is and why it matters.

Privacy defined as "secrecy" is not the largest concern with the government stealing phone records. The concern is the extraordinary amount of power gained by having that type of information. The word privacy actually comes from Latin word privus and means being "single". This sense of the word more accurately reflects the importance of not stealing phone records. We are to have autonomy within our lives. This is consistent with the views of our founding; spread power over as many people as possible so no one person or group of persons will have too much. This is the best way to insure freedom.

So the choice is not between privacy and terrorists. It's between being controlled or being free. And that's the true dilemma.