Comment: if nothing comes of this then we aren't doing our job

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if nothing comes of this then we aren't doing our job

We have been handed a massive tool to wake people up to what's going on and if we don't use it we are fools.

The next time someone says "I don't have anything to hide, I'm boring their welcome to spy on me."

Tell them. Yeah but what of all those people who work in media, government, judicial system, public servants and countless powerful companies. Do they have something to hide? Can they be blackmailed? This is about corruption, tyranny, government terrorism against it's people, it's about massive blackmail and destroying of lives. And if you become an activist and cause trouble, they data mine you to paint you as a bad person how ever they can. All this phone and internet information gives the government puppet strings to control everyone.

You may not have something to hide but you can guarantee that someone in power is going to be blackmailed into doing their bidding and that does effect you and your children as well as the precarious future of America.