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I only recently became aware of his work. The charge radius of the proton is one of the pivotal numbers used in theoretical and practical work. His work which derived it very accurately, followed by new experimental evidence refining its observable accuracy (both match) is highly provocative, even if main stream science wants to try to discount him. Maybe it's because he looks like a hippie? Establishment Science doesn't like the phrase "peace out" ;)

I have skimmed his paper. The math is beyond me, for sure, but his logic is sound. His work deserves further study, IMO, and I will continue to monitor his progress. :)

And you mention Tesela. The foremost expert in applied physics the world has ever known. He is responsible for most of our 21st century technology. He invented AC current, among many other things. Unfortunately, much of his best work was seized by the government soon after his death. He understood harmonics in a similar way to Haramein, IMO.

If you were to build a dream team of physics, Haramein as theorist, and Tesela as experimenter, Physics might be solved tomorrow.

As to Schrodinger, I lured him into my box. I haven't looked yet. ;)

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