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If in their ANGER, the White House & their

accomplices & CIA assassins attempt to murder this young man, they will be making a very grave mistake.

The smartest thing they can do is to face the music & let the BILLIONAIRE ELITES chips fall where they may.

Anyone can help him right now, as he has no charges filed against him. But, how is the question. I don't know. All communications are monitored, as he said. Any plan that would have worked would have involved an elaborate contact system that would be impossible to follow, impossible to know, and impossible to know who would be helping him.

I think it's possible he would have such a plan. If you were him, wouldn't you have taken the time to figure something out? For starters, if he is smart, he would not have been in HK at the time. He would have been long gone. Think about it like a movie. What would you have done?

There are many patriots all over the world---THANK GOD.