Comment: Where are the wiretaps?

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Where are the wiretaps?

Mr. Snowden, I applaud you for telling us they are monitoring our every action, transaction, we didn't already know.
What you failed to do was to actually do some "monitoring" of the elitists, and put that on YT, or some pod., or given to someone who would eventually do so.
Where are those "wiretaps"...I'd like to see some of congressmen and senators who support this kind of crapola.
A top Senator or Congressman on an excursion with a high profile callgirl,
Sorta like that movie "Enemy of the State"
Now that's what America wants to see.
The geek shall rule the world.
Know what I mean?
Now that all this has been revealed to the American public, I think its a good time to see some sort of "distraction"...a "false flag" to get us back to the "FEAR" factor...
Hey look, Haley's comet.