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Actually it does.

The assertion that cross-species evolution is "proven science" or "scientifically proven" or "established science" or anything of the sort is a MYTH, no different than any other religionist myth.

If that strikes you as odd, it is likely you are a religious believer in scientism, which is religious belief couched in scientific terms, possibly resembling science on the surface, but requiring faith, since it is not based on proven science.

Unfortunately, for believers in scientism, they are programmed to ignore the actual scientific method which requires WITHOUT EXCEPTION repeatable tests (EXACTLY the same test) resulting in EXACTLY the same results each time in order to prove a hypothesis.

Since this is impossible to do, as even Charles Darwin himself recognized, to demonstrate (fish->ape->man style) cross-specie evolution, he himself said his own theory was not scientific.

Does that make me a creationist? LOL, there's your programming again. No, I am not. I believe evolution was possible, perhaps even likely.

However, as a proponent of ACTUAL SCIENCE, not the religion of scientism, I cannot ignore and am required to point out this simple, irrefutable fact of science.