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The system America built was perfect

in a lawful congruency sense. It was never perfect for catching criminals but was perfect in its congruency of the logic of law. The philosophy of let 10 guilty men go in order to protect the innocent was a central tenant and the fact that an action was only based on an accuser who was equally liable for the accusation as the accused was for a guilty act meant that the court was truly impartial and We the People were truly self governing. The people failed to maintain this protection of law because no one wants to accept liability for their own actions. Back in the day it was totally lawful for two men to enter into agreement to duel to the death and was recognized as a form of full liability within divine law. The duel was a way to deal with criminals who could not be brought to justice due to lack of proper cause so it would be dealt with in the ultimate form of equitable liability and valid verbal contract of the duel. If courts are they're to maintain precedent then how did these well established precedents in law ever disappear? The answer is obvious. No one wants to accept liability not the attorneys, not the prosecutors, not the accusers, not the defendant, not the law enforcement officer, magistrate, judge, NO ONE wants to accept liability for their own actions. This is why our founding laws have been subverted. When people give up liability divine law revokes its grace.

Now NO ONE can get justice but everyone will get some level of crime committed against them from criminals claiming to be "government". Now most attorneys are confused or corrupted because they do not want to demand that the courts be required to maintain impartiality and that Accusations are from an accuser accepting liability for their accusations and that no one ever be exempt from a valid cause of action. Now the damn has broken on big brother and my guess is that the people will still refuse to accept liability and the courts will refuse to carry out justice.

If the grace is gone what does this mean for America? Every hellish nightmare you can possibly imagine.

It is clear that TPTB are utilizing the intelligence tools to maintain their control over the political process. Hell, now Americans, especially attorneys are so confused that nearly everyone believes that policy for government applies to the people as Law. This is insane and a very dangerous notion. We the People, somehow, have gotten to a point where everyone believes that whatever legislation is passed is applicable law to the people. This is completely nuts and it is easy to see where all of this going. Imagine Artilla the Hun with a global military force and centralized streaming intelligence of every single human on the planet and control of the entire world's currency. This is where we are going and it is because of one central fact in our law being ignored that the powers of justice are derived from the consent of the governed. This is the point of liability each one holds equally in their own existence but the attorneys judges and system at large does not want to uphold this law because they want power through no liability for their own actions instead of being the one's with integrity to ensure that proper liability is always identified and maintained.

So if you want to know why the system is completely broken and in shambles all you need to do is look in the mirror. You already had all the information available to you but you and the rest of your attorney buddies don't want to do what is required of you; ensure that liability is identified and maintained at all times and let the bar for government "officials" be required to adhere to the law of agency where the principle accuser must be identified for ALL government actions against anyone. Lysander Spooner identified and expressed this clarity in law with his work No Treason. Lysander Spooner is the only other man I have ever seen not only maintain perfect logical congruency of law but also completely understand how its operation can be lawfully exercised by Constitutional Government.

If you and your attorney buddies and everyone else who knows the system is broken will not immediately begin to put a complete halt to every single act by government that is not based an accuser against the accused by We the People through challenging subject matter jurisdiction, then the level of broken we have now will look like a Sunday school picnic compared to what is just around the corner. We each must be willing to physically arrest the judges, prosecutors, and other criminal bureaucrats when necessary and accept full liability for our actions against these infamous criminals. We must call them out every time they attempt act as an agent without a properly identified principle. We must ensure proper liability is always maintained or we will never have the ability to live within the grace of divine law. Ensuring liability of an accuser does many things to protect the rule of law but at its heart it does several very important things in law; 1) it maintains the power of accusation in the hands of the governed keeps governments agents in clearly defined agency of the principle who the accuser from We the People identified, 2) maintains impartiality of our courts and precludes the possibility of pecuniary advantage accessed through courts, 3) provides necessary deterrence for false and petty accusations, 4) inherently provides an environment where people in general are law enforcement and thus enables high efficiency of police efforts and high levels of intelligence coming from the people where people are no longer afraid to deal with police out of fear for their safety from acts of aggression by police, 5) Enables precious court resources to be focused on real crime and remedy and securing the rule of law with real juries.

There you have it. This is the answer to securing the rule of law. We must live within all law if we are to maintain order and ensure the rule of law is followed. We must maintain liability at all times to maintain the protections of divine law otherwise we will get exactly what we deserve; tyranny. This is the source of order and is real law, literally more real than the law of gravity. If we ignore it then we will fall into depths of hell on Earth all because we didn't want to accept liability for our own actions. Ignore this fact at your own peril. You have been notified.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...