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Repeatable ...

I keep seeing the argument that evolution cannot be science because it is not observable nor repeatable.

That's simply false. There is nothing miraculous about evolution!

There is a field of paleontology that exists for utility, not for research for the sake of curiosity. Oil companies employ micropaleontologists to help decipher the sediments in which they drill. It's not for fun, it's to save them money because it works... over and over and over. In fact, the government requires that the reports done by paleontologists on oil wells are turned over to them within 2 months of completion of a well!

Why? Marine microfossils are so abundant that they're easy to find. They occur in the same sequence in sediments all over the world. So yes, the results are REPEATED over and over, 1000s of times.

We can logically see in sequentially deposited sediments the same sequence over and over. This deposition happened over millions of years, so while we didn't actually SEE it happen because we obviously were not there, the evidence is so overwhelming that it is crystal clear what happened by examining the sediments in different places worldwide. Just a basic understanding of geologic processes is required. With this, no other logical conclusions can be drawn.

GoodSam, as articulate as he is with his links and articles, erroneously claims that all of the fossils are the same age, and that they are in the order that they are from "liquifaction and sorting". While that process certainly happens in some geologic settings, it is relatively rare and cannot explain the repeated sequence that these microfossils occur all over the world. He bases much of his belief on this one false assumption, therefore his entire house of cards fails miserably.

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