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You misunderstand...

the age dating is irrelevant. Let's say I agree for the sake of this discussion that the earth is 6000 years old.

The point is that we have sedimentary layers that were obviously laid down sequentially (that's where GSam is lacking in his argument). Examination of each of those layers shows changes of the species in the layers as you go from layer to layer. You can track the ranges of each fossil through the layers.

The relative position of each fossil in the layer cake of sediments is the same from well to well, or outcrop to outcrop, ALL OVER THE WORLD. This has been shown especially well in the 40,000 wells drilled in the Gulf of Mexico, and has become a relatively precise science, hence oil companies paying big bucks to micropaleontologists.

In summary, the age doesn't matter. The obvious and repeated changes are clear proof of evolution.

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