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Facts are not in dispute

The general theory of evolution is built upon impossibilities that would require miracles to be true.

I already told you that I don't believe all fossils are the same age so please don't misrepresent what I said. Many fossils have been formed since the Flood. However, considering that roughly 300,000,000 cubic miles of sediment was washed from the face of the earth in that event, the volume of fossil remains created since then pails in comparison.

There is Flood/post-Flood boundary controversy among creationists with regard to sea-floor sediment. Given that the geological column is a Flood sequence, the uniformitarian time-scale that you derive from oceanic microfossils may not be correlated to continental index fossils. The current distribution of microfossils and the lack of macrofossils on the ocean bottom is likely due to the mechanism of the Flood and its aftermath. There is also the common problem of reworking and the tendency to give multiple names for the same micro-organism if found in different aged layers. All this needs to be sorted out within creationism but there is plenty of evidence for disagreement with evolutionists over interpretation of the facts.

In another example, marine manganese nodules that cover about 30% of the ocean floor are supposedly the result of extremely slow growth over millions of years yet they appear fresh and have actually been observed to grow > 20 cm within hundreds of years, a growth rate several orders of magnitude faster than predicated by evolution. In addition, nodules are found only at the top of the ocean floor, with the greatest density within the first 5m of sediment and decreasing in size at greater depths. This contradicts the idea that ocean sediment accumulated gradually and continuously over millions of years. It suggests a period of rapid sedimentation that has subsequently waned, consistent with the events of Noah’s Flood.

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