Comment: No he did not do proofs of his Theory of Gravity

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No he did not do proofs of his Theory of Gravity

If he had, his theory would by definition be correct instead of incorrect.

While he certainly presented proofs of his mathematics, he could only conduct measurements to support his Theory of Gravity.

Similarly, we "measure" theories of the Origins of the Universe by making predictions about such things as what sediment we will find the next batch of trilobyte fossils in or how much radiation of a particular type we expect to find in certain bones or rock, or where we would expect to find iron or iridium if they came from supernovae and meteorites.

Of course, GoodSamaritan would make the minority argument that there is more contrary evidence than supporting evidence, but that is not the point. The point is that we CAN make measurements that help us determine our confidence level in the Theory of Evolution. That it what Science does.