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We are seriously miscommunicating

All life put on earth at the same time ≠ all fossils of same age. All fossils created as a result of the Flood would be the same age. That doesn't exclude fossils being created since then by other events. Obviously fossil age should be determined by when the fossilization occurred.

Perhaps I wasn't clear - I have no disagreement with your paragraph beginning with "sediment constantly occurs...".

I think you're seeing what I didn't write. I said, "may not be correlated", I didn't say never correlated; and I also said, "lack of macrofossils" but I didn't mean TOTAL lack of macrofossils. It's relative.

You state the obvious as if I don't know that manganese is a mineral. However, they are dated by both paleontological and radiometric methods. And the point had more to do with when they form as opposed to how they form. Evolutionists have long claimed that it took millions of years for them to form and that's simply not true. Dr. John Yates, a marine geologist, has found some of these concretions were actually formed around beer cans. With Google books you can find online a chapter Yates wrote on Deep-Sea Polymetallic Sulphide Deposits in a 2002 text by academic publisher Routledge: Advances in the Science and Technology of Ocean Management.

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