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Yes, I did read it

That's why I say it would be published in purple on DP, because it's satire, as you twist "what is a coward" to make your points. Your points are good, but it's like taking perfect strawberries and dipping each one in feces, because you make being a coward, OK. Shouldn't we all be cowards?

I believe you know he isn't a coward and you, perhaps like me, are offended by those calling him a coward?

I think you have a good article for a liberal audience, especially those who think, or say, he is a coward for leaving the USA, in fear of government, because of what he KNOWS about government and wanting to protect himself.

No one I know on DP was, or is, calling him a coward.. it's offensive, and why, to me, your article, despite the good points, was "dipped".

You write well, much better than I, and so it seems this was easy for you to write because off the top of your head, amusing, yet, this is a serious topic, and I for one am really tired of the name calling and insults to make points. But that is me, and I'm no representative of DP.

I did not mean to offend you. For that I apologise because seriously, you have talent, and I think your audience was actually for liberals calling him a coward, rather than those like me, who think the only cowards are those calling him a coward, and lack any of the qualities made in your points.