Comment: It was always them...

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It was always them...

First of all, Ben Franklin wrote about how the cause of the American Revolution was that the (Rothschild's) Bank Of England via King George outlawed the use of the debt-free Colonial Script currency which had made the Colonies prosperous (and debt-free). That change led to higher debt and taxes and unrest.

So The Revolution was not really about such trivial matters as a "Tax on Tea", or "The Stamps Act". It was about the loss of our whole Economic self-determination and control at the hands of The Bank of England (Rothschilds) and The British Empire - due to the currency switchover.

Secondly, after the First Bank of the U.S. (which was modelled after the Rothschilds Bank) was terminated, Nathan Rothschild then threatened us again -- and The War of 1812 was started. What was the result of The War of 1812? The Second Rothschild Bank (in this Country).

And of course, Lincoln was killed by the Banksters.

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